Learning to look at things differently…….

To be frank even with my first victory I realise that has to be paid for.  A half an hour session with the physio costs two hours sleeping as just the simple things tire me out. So when when I wake up i’m ready for lunch and I get the usual calorie-counted meal and the euphoria of the previous physio session has worn off. There is a serious depression setting in and that is not made any better by the thought that I feel physically wrecked and I have no energy at all. Their follows a few moments of tears that feel a bit self indulgent to say the least but I snap out of it by just looking round the room. The ward is full of people who are worse off than me and all the medical staff here are reminding me that I’m lucky even to be alive.

Then it hits me….and the tears come running down now…….I realise I am lucky

Lucky to have friends…..

Lucky to have another chance….

and lucky to be alive.

It’s a hard life ahead and I can’t imagine what life will be like, but today it’s about counting blessings and maybe that’s a part of seeing things differently.


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